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 nerone proudly presents the Uribi-Ambassy: 


Nachdem ich die freundliche Anfrage zu einem Entwurf der Botschaft von Uribistan durch Mat Gundo und Murat Tchundyk angenommen habe, kann ich nun den ersten Entwurf für das Gebäude vorstellen.


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  1. We dida like the Leary-interviwe on Uribi Daily very very much indeed! Nice dirty old men, we lika them somehow better than tough young men, of course we lika our eurhytmic physio therapists best! By the way,does uriby embassy have commodities to tsand siege ? Kasachi embassies obviously have; well, we´ll now continue put-zen, majordomus not being caterer buta kind ofa Hausgeist (stone-old).yes and we enjoyed the partridgerätzel as well — you hava lot ofreaders dear uribicrew!

  2. Dearest lovely Nerone,
    you know your djermans always aska whata is a truth and whata not, where best formula to find lika suebian jew Einstein. He gypsy!!! We in Uribistan aska ita worka or it doesnt worka. Car drives, car not driving, same with Uribi taxi, fly or not fly.
    You are still whippin? Bastards. You djermans were always good in that and also bein victim. Middleeurope a little bit of Sado Maso centre. I saw in the wild west. Anyway lets nota talka about politics…what about our Ambassador. I hava to look for Goy musta make good business wit hima….
    Thanks for Coffee!
    Yours Murat

  3. You see nerone desperatly drawing marvelous sketches for kamel sutra bassins and great interior stuff. he is very keen to please the designated ambassador.
    BUT: will he accept?
    nerone instead of waiting is urging his drawings and engeneering doing in all the biological stuff and zero energiethings that are asked nowedays. putting in the greatest hifi surround sound engines and sekret doors for secret gatherings with the smothest materials all over teh place.
    BUT: will it be enough?

  4. Happy Beater seems to be on for higher things than princesses or money. He is going for things like justice and truth. He must have a thin skin, although he likes beasts to be punished hard. kind of RUFMICHAN-kind-of-thing maybe? but sureley he knows about justice a lot of things. we can learn from himma. and we still whipping in europe…but people here pay for it.
    we can learn even more from uribi-tribe-reporters. i really enjoyed the comment from mat gundo on heavy discussion…
    so ooo so

  5. Dearest lovely Nerone,
    my heart goes lika mountain falcon into heaven. You are an architectural hero. You did it!!
    Congratulations!!!!! combining those 3 architects. The ballons I saw in beirut recently on my flights to my Kasakhibrothers in Jerusalem and Gazah.
    There will be soon opening party we hava good broad shouldered slaves from Waziristan. They work fast and silent. We donta whip them anymore now we are modern. Are you in Europe still whipping.?
    Heavy steamy discussions goin on. Happy beater now workin for Pizza express service? Nota anymore as bouncer in Info 3. I admire hima he good warrior, I mean you surrounded hima no chance for hima, but he fighta as if he geta princess or money for it. It is a too complicated for me this discusssion. I ama simple person you know. I will go and hava Kamal sutre massage some where to relaxa from desert trip.
    Do you know where I cana hava abit a realaxa time.
    Big lickin kissas from murat

  6. Dearezt Nerony-Boy! Here in Desert I hava one moment of rest, anda I became a message from Mister Tybal, from the ministry. He wasa so lucky with these drawings!
    Tomorrow I wil show Murat a copy of the drawing, at thiz time he isa far away meditating about highezt thingz. I thinka the house is of wood? WE can taka special wood from our Highlandz, it is a very strong ande also fleyible!. The house iisa upon big balloons? We can also try it to manage wiitha Vril-technix. I will aska Gigili, he isa hear to lead our meditationz. In writing this on special ministry laptop, brought here from his lovely secretary Miss MIranda Nú, I see fiirst commentary is from most lovely busy Barbara! She can visit us in new ambassy and we will do some Kamal Sutrê. Pleasa Nerone, thiz is important, also think about creating room for Kamal Sutrê sessionz! Overstreaming yourz very much, Mat Gundo

  7. Dear Alec Tybal,

    your welcome to put it where ever you want to….

    so and so on

  8. Dearest Comrade Nerone,
    we are gaspin for words. You gotta mix. Zumthor, Steiner and Wright in one. Soon you will see on Uribistan Daily your secretary. Are we allowed to publish the picture on our blog? Murat and Mat are in Uribi desert at the moment to feel the Holy Ghost and our National Ghost. They will be completely overstreamd with joy. we will catch some slaves so we canna start working.
    It is a phantasicoissmo. Your very gifted architect.
    Yours sincerly
    Alec Tybal Ministry of Uribi Imigration

  9. Sieht verdammt gut aus!

    Was ist mit der Innenausstattung? Gibts da ein Gästezimmer? Einen Swimmingpool? Eine gute Stereoanlage? Hab ich da mit meinem Funkfernsprecher Empfang (Roaming)? Heizung?

    Hast du Ökobaustoffe verplant? Wie sind die Dämmeingenschaften? Feuchtigkeitstransport? Kann man die Botschaft auch mit dem Auto erreichen? Ich würde als Botschafter eine Garage gut finden, da ich gern Auto fahre.


  10. den entwurf habe ich aus dem zukünftigen geschaut…. 😉
    liegt wohl daran, das ich so viel um die ohren habe.
    anthrochat habe ich mal probeweise angesehen- gähnende leere. ich schaue später nochmal vorbei.

    ich bin natürlich gespannt wie meine auftraggeber reagieren werden. danke für das komplimentchen barbara.

  11. junge junge, du kannst gut zeichnen und bis terminlich schon im juli;-)
    das taxi gefällt mir am besten
    und den anthrochat hast du heute auch schon ausprobiert…
    wie wars? gibt es einen bericht?

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